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2010 Diwali Blessing

May your mind love the single music that is light

May the light of honeyed moon-like waters flowing reach you from near and far. May you partake of and enjoy the smiling wavesof intuitively revealed contemplations kindled in the interior ocean of your innermost heart. May the first-born sages whose bodies are minds,who ride the chariots of light and are master knowers of the laws of the universe –

May they be pleased with your beautiful contemplations and Grace you with blessings.

 Festival of Light 2010

Swami Veda Bharati


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" Careful vigilance and observation lead the student to study the incoming thoughts from the unconscious mind. The yogis recall all their samskaras, watch them, examine, and even select and reject them according to their need. Those thought patterns that are disturbing are rejected by the yogis, and those that are helpful are strengthened. A deep study of these three states-waking, dreaming, and sleeping-reveals that, with the help and practice of yoga nidra, one can go beyond all the levels of the unconscious. "

Swami Rama

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