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Breath Practicum and Silence Retreat(s)

Breath and Silence-1, 23rd March – 6th April 2014
Breath and Silence-2, 22nd March – 5th April 2015
At Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, Rishikesh, India


One who has mastered the breath has discovered Superconsciousness -- svb

Wish to live long?
Wish to deepen meditation?
Learn to make the breath subtle and slow.

Often we see a rush to learn advanced pranayamas. This is being done without training the breath, without making it slow, subtle, deep.

In our tradition there are multiple paths and exercises for achieving the full benefits from subtleties of breath.

Swami Veda Bharati and other advanced teachers will guide the 15 days BREATH PRACTICUM AND SILENCE RETREAT-1 IN 2014 (23rd March – 6th April 2014) and its second part in 2015.  Swamiji does not see himself teaching during this time; however, he will give a program for the breath cycle teaching before the event starts to those who will be teaching which they can follow.

Swamiji has written: There has been much emphasis on mantra-centred meditation and silence. This retreat is devoted to breath-centred silence. Deeper methods of breath centred silence will be practised intensively, as guided. You will be amazed at the silence depths and other benefits you will achieve. It is a unique offering and a unique opportunity not to be missed.The retreat will be taught by the most advanced faculty as guided by me. Do bring your copies of (1) Swami Rama’s SCIENCE OF BREATH which will be studied with references to (2) Swami Veda’s PHILOSOPHY OF HATHA YOGA.

This retreat will be unique in that breath practices will be assigned to be mastered, with effectiveness, as part of the silence observance. We shall move on step by step from one level to the other.

No major lecturing; just practice, practice, practice.

In the meantime, until the retreat dates can you just slow your breath down? If you are taking 15 breaths a minute, can you gradually go down to 14>13>12>11>10>and so on? You have nearly a year ahead to arrive at the Ashram with already a sense of accomplishment.

PREREQUISITE: Read the book SCIENCE OF BREATH by Swami Rama, Dr. Rudolph Ballentine, and Dr. Alan Hymes

Cost: (1) The general cost of Ashram hospitality (2) Generous offerings are requested.

Do book now as accommodations get filled up at that time. To book accommodations, please use this link: https://ahymsin.org/main/accomodations-and-reservations.html

Breath and Silence-1 2014

  • Breath and Silence-2 2015
  • Mantra Practices and Silence-1 2016

In 2018 Swami Veda Bharati opens his silence for a year and there will be a major sangha gathering at the Ashram.

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