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Swami Ritavan Replies to His Friends' Birthday Wishes

Dear Breath - song of the Ages,

When each day the sun is born anew, each mind has a new dawn upon waking from sleep, yet the breath, ever-diligent, flows unceasingly day and night.

 When each night the moon is awakened from its slumber, each mind is born to new realities of the moment, yet the breath remains spanning this shore to the other shore.

Each breath links the beads of time revealing the counted - breaths of this lifetime. Life is breathed as 'happy birthday,' (HamSo Asmi), Nature's song in the hymn of breath.

And now in this body's season of autumn, 25000 days have sung the song of 25000 breaths each day.

May God's name in each of these 625 million breaths become a prayer - song, and may the Rishis of Yore shine with the illumined light of prana in the minds and hearts of you all with their Vedic Hymn of Hamsa, (SoHam).


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