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Happy Diwali from Swami Ritavan Bharati and the entire Sanyasin Community

With resplendent flame of self, letting-go name & form,
awakening the inner light of insight-contemplation and meditation,
shining in polished mind with heart aglow
illuminations of life, diminishing gaps of duality.
A brilliant star draws you draws you near, ever-so-clear, ever-so-dear,
light unobscured by mirrored image, --" i am that."
radiant Self- AHAM;
Becoming – Hamsa -- So-Ham
with virile mind enlightened, natural harmony of life ensues.
Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah
Unto That - Light, my obeisance,

Swami Ritavan Bharati

Ashram Pramukh and AHYMSIN Spiritual Guide

Diwali - 30 October 2016

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" Life is a manuscript, and the author of that manuscript is that which you are. ...The beginning and the ending of this manuscript are missing. You do not consciously know from where you have come; you do not know where you will go. "

Swami Rama

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