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Diwali Greetings 2015

On this Diwali - Annual Festival of Illumination & Beauty - (A New Year Celebration):
We are reminded in our Upanishads, and teachings of the Tradition:

Jyotir, Jyotir, Jyotir, (Light, Light, Light)
Idam Madu, Idam Madu, Idam Madu (This is honey, So beautiful, so sweet, so sweet, so sweet)

Also, we are reminded in a Blessing of our Beloved Swamiji:

"May you see this light and taste the sweetness of this light.
Wherever you walk, walk as a luminous being leave no darkness, reduce doubts, let-go of fears, be free."

At this time of spiritual renewal, may we collectively resolve to reflect & contemplate our personal spiritual growth. May these self-inquiries bring the fruits of clarity, forgiveness, faith, and strength, and may your meditations prosper.

Throughout this coming year, our collective and heart-felt prayer for you, that we recite each day in the ashram:

asato ma sad gamaya, (Lead me from untruth to Truth);
tamaso ma jyotir gamaya, (Lead me from darkness to Light);
mrtyor ma amrtam gamaya, (Lead me from the bondage of death & ignorance to Immortality & Freedom)."

With the Light of Guru, the remover of all obstacles,
With the Love of Guru, the source of compassion,
Blessings of the Tradition,
Swami Ritavan Bharati

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