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Desperation and Dedication

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Desperation and Dedication are the valley and the mountain, the two known only to each other.
Desperation and Dedication are the two sides of the same coin,
A coin spent, nay, surrendered as the currency of ambition for the purpose of life.
Why suffer human folly when you can enjoy divine beauty.
Satisfy that seeking, yearning, desiring that calls to you -- day and night from that inner hunger of mind’s fear, worry and despondency.
With this currency of ambition make a purchase that is so beautiful, so sweet and fulfill this natural, innate human urge to know atman the spiritual self.
Your purpose, your destiny reveals that Wisdom beyond all unfulfilled identities and fears.
Deserve to serve your saintly destiny.
Pay the price in surrender and purchase the quest: “In This Very Life You Come to Know God.”

 (This article was also published as part of the "Dear Yoga Mentor, My Question Is..." column in the October 2020 edition of the AHYMSIN Newsletter.)

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