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Two Diwali Messages, 2019

Grace-filled lamps of honeyed illumination set in a row as our pools of shakti - the lifeforce of the Infinite. The One who breathes-out to fill and fulfill this river-of-light, and breathes-in to return us back to Her invisible-embrace of stillness.

As Her child, we dance around our 7-pools forming the circles of unbroken light. She places us as Her deepaks into the kundalini stream watching this light flow heavenward. May Her Name be in each breath, may Her embrace awaken your chakra-pools. And may you follow the illumined path of sadhana that is lit by Her Love. Resolve on this day of festivities that each Brahma-vihara - kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity will be your constant companions.

Om jyotih, jyotir-aham - I am light, I am a being of Light -

Deepavali Blessings of the Lineage

Swami Ritavan Bharati

 [Note: This message was shared via Savita Agarwal.]

 Diwali Message 2019 from Swami Ritavan Bharati

With resplendent flame of self, letting-go name & form,
awakening the inner light of insight
-contemplation and meditation,
shining in polished mind with heart aglow
illuminations of life, diminishing gaps of duality.
A brilliant star draws you draws you near,
ever-so-clear, ever-so-dear,
light unobscured by mirrored image, --" i am that."
radiant Self- AHAM;
Becoming - Hamsa -- So-Ham
with virile mind enlightened, natural harmony of life ensues.
Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah
Unto That - Light, my obeisance,

-Swami Ritavan Bharati-

Ashram Pramukh and AHYMSIN Spiritual Guide

[Note: This message was shared by The Meditation Center.]

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