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Commencing the 50-Year Celebration of the Meditation Center

Commencing the 50-Year Celebration of the Meditation Center:

Meditate and Awaken, The Time in Now - by Swami Ritavan Bharati

Celebrating the Spirit - Jayee!

by way of the Eternal and Omnipresent Spirit,

this perennial wisdom illumines and love is born in the "golden-womb" of mind;

minds "in-joy" celebrates 50 years of Spirit in the Himalayan Yoga Meditation Tradition.

 We gather together to share this journey, mindful of life, heartful of happiness, life lived
with purpose.

The wholeness and holiness of life we celebrate,

now and in each will-filled breath;

now and in each chosen sentiment-filled emotion.

Meditate and Awaken, The Time in Now.

We gather to collectively reflect, re-viewing these 50 years by way of the mysteries of Spirit.

We gather in meditation now, and each day in unity of the collective minefield of

We gather in prayer and japa purifying, thus bringing peace of mind into each action and

We gather to acknowledge meaningful relationships supported-by and inspired-by our
journey on spiritual path of life.

We gather with the entire Lineage, Past-Present-Future, respectful of our birth through

At our recent AHYMSIN global sangha retreat, we acknowledged the birthing role of the
Himalayan Tradition in the USA,

through the Meditation Center now 50-years ago,nd maintain the resolve to preserve the purity of the Tradition.

Meditate and Awaken, The Time in Now.

(This has also been published in the July 2019 edition of the AHYMSIN Newsletter.)

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