Articles by Swami Ritavan Bharati

Announcement for Covid-19

…Tāre tut tāre ture svāhā:

With this prayer for you and your loved ones in all parts of the world, together let us cultivate serenity. In these times of adversity, the teachings of the Tradition continue by way of the power of your ascetic endeavor (tapas). Let us loosen the knots of the heart to remain full of hope (smriti). Come to the awareness of this moment and remain the observer. Come in-touch with the power that emanates when you have gathered all forces and rest in stillness. Where fears and worries appear, let-go and let the spiritual forces rise-up in your mind.

The quest remains, the teachings continue, the blessings flow, all from that spiritual core of our being. Let this opportunity be a willful event for purification. That is the ideal of titiksha--forbearance. This is our lesson, and this is our test.

As you experience hardships and challenges, remain aware of your spiritual strength, through your disciplines of ahimsa, satya, santosha. Let your mind smile.

Cultivate this awareness drop by drop, moment to moment. Recognize this source within, and thereby, recognize these natural forces of patience, forbearance, tolerance. Such sentiments arise from your purified and pacified mindfield showing their fruits in goodness, satiety, kindness and compassion. Let it be a process of a different kind of awareness and a renewing quality of our selves.

Let us have a moment of silence, offering our prayers and our japa for the well-being of all.

Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

Rishikesh, India

Spiritual Action Plan for the Sangha:

Together, on behalf of the Lineage, let us dedicate our prayers, japa and actions for the well-being and benefit of humanity. Please continue with your daily meditations offering the fruits of your yoga with the sentiment of “namah”, not mine but Thine. In addition to your mantra japa, and your Saumyā-Tārā verse and mantra purascharana, may I request that you use your time wisely for your inner life and your spiritual renewal and rejuvenation. The following are suggestions for our global Sangha members:

1. Daily meditation (same time and place)
2. Offering the fruits of your japa and meditation
3. Along with your personal mantra, and the Saumyā-Tārā mantra japa dedicated to the Sangha, you can add the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra for the well-being, healing and liberation of all.
4. Begin the habit keeping some minutes of centering awareness and japa at your Full Moon Meditation Time on a DAILY basis. You can use a minute to mentally recite 3 Saumyā-Tārā mantras and 3 Mrityunjaya mantras; or 15 minutes to recite 21 times these mantras, and again offering the intention for the well-being of all plus any other intentions.
5. Maintain your observation of the Full Moon Meditation Time each month in your home or wherever.
6. Also practice Svadhyaya, a deeper contemplation of your spiritual aims and goals.
7. May the fruits of love, kindness and compassion be your solace.

These and others may continue to be shared by spiritual guides for the community.

With blessings and gratitude,

Swami Ritavan