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A Special Message from Swami Ritavan Bharati

[A message from Swami Ritavan Bharati on the occasion of the Full Moon Meditation on 1 October 2020 via The Meditation Center (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)]

In meditation, we gather in the spirit of Guru’s grace, light of knowledge, and with aspirations for kindness (amity), compassion (karuna), our task remains—Awake and Aware. Aware of our inner strength as our natural state of personality. Awake through self-observation, through neutrality, through conscious choice. Our identification with this essential nature reveals the strong, the pure, the beauty-that is our divine nature. Through a certain restraint, we become a conqueror. Our task, through our sadhana in applied spirituality, is greater understanding, not only of what is right with the world but how the beauty of that which is right can be applied to beautify in what has become “ugly” in so many ways. And, it is the “I”of ego–me and mine, that harbors negative emotions, conflicts, and criticisms that veil and obscure beauty. Remember, it is the nature of our divine personality that animates forces to maintain calm, peaceful, harmonious, and conflict-free minds within, and in those around us in ever-expanding circles of influence. Be the Light of Love that you seek.

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" Be confident, self-reliant, and always say to yourself, 'I will do it. I can do it. I have to do it.' These confirmations build the power of determination, or sankalpa shakti. "

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