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Saumya Mantra

(This was previously published as part of "The 2014 Annual 40-Day Spiritual FestivalThe 2014 Annual 40-Day Spiritual Festival.")

Saumyā Mantra
Explanation, Translation and Transliteration into English

Prepared by Dr. Stephen Parker (Stoma)

सौम्या सौम्यतरा शेष
परापराणां परमा त्वमेव परमेश्वरी॥

saumyā saumyātarāśeṣā
saumyebhyas tvati sundari
parāparāṇāṁ paramā
tvameva parameshvarī

This mantra is addressed to the Divine Mother as Saumyā, Divine Mother as cool, gentle, moonlike peacefulness. It is used as a special mantra for the cultivation of these aspects of personality. The mantra occurs in Caṇḍī, or Devī-mahātmya, (I.62 or 71, depending on the edition) an important text in the tantric part of our tradition.

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