Prayers and Succour for Current Global Uncertainties

My very dear souls

My prostrations to the Divine Master.

Some of us are witnessing for the first time in this lifetime what a pandemic is and what is currently being spread by the Corona virus.

A century ago, in 1918, the world experienced the Spanish influenza (H1N1) pandemic where it was estimated that 25% to 30% of the world population became infected with this virus. Then years later, we heard of the H2N2 Asian flu, the H3N2 Hong Kong flu and more recently, the H1N1 swine flu ten years ago. Sometime about 50 years ago we were told of the HIV virus which continues to exist.

What does this mean for all of us? And for those of us in the Himalayan Tradition?

There have been many advisories issued by the countries affected by this contagion. These advisories and notifications carry practically the same messages about social distancing, no handshakes, self-quarantine, observing cleanliness like washing the hands thoroughly with antiseptics or detergents, wearing a mask, not touching our faces etc.

We are experiencing for first time ‘lockdowns’ and ‘price gouging’, ‘panic buying’, trajectories in the corona virus curves, and ‘tissue and toilet paper crisis’; and we are hearing of many other new alien terminologies.

Voluntary or self-isolation or self-quarantine is probably the only action very familiar to many of us in the Tradition in pursuit of sadhana and tapasya.

The practices advocated and advised by the governments and various immigration and health authorities are there to be followed and these are extremely important in any environment including the ashram.

As ordinary mortals, we must observe and take the necessary precautions strictly to look after ourselves. More so, as a consideration and compassion for the other souls that love and live within our environment.

Our Master Swami Rama educates us that ‘our body is a temple and it’s our duty to worship the Divinity that resides within’. Hence, it’s our sacred duty to protect our body through our efforts and Their Grace from any illness and mishaps.

Of course, the Tradition will provide the extra shield through the vibrations of our mantras. Our Himalayan Tradition - the Bharati Lineage exemplifies Divine Knowledge and Love. We must all earn this privilege explicitly through our actions.

In the case of this corona virus pandemic which is inclined to be a long haul, we must observe and practice strictly the basic tenets and principles of preventive hygiene. These practices are nothing short of us being selfless. Selfless means by being totally caring for the others around us. Spacing ourselves adequately in the meditation hall and avoiding crowds especially in the food hall. Taking our food in our own rooms is an option. Not hugging but observing mental salutations and many other ways of showing that we care for our brothers and sisters.

Selfishness is when our manas prompts us that we are immune to these diseases. Some may feel that they have attained higher spiritual boundaries, but there are many who are within the circle who are aspirants in this spiritual path.

As long as we are in an environment where there are other souls around us, we must ensure that we observe the basics of preventive hygiene. There are no two ways about this.

Let us all in our own uniqueness pray for the welfare of mankind wherever they may be; for those medical and healthcare personnel and the support staff; for those who are in the essential services who are maintaining law and order, those in the water and food industry; the sewage industry, the cleaners, and for all those who are on call and in sacrifice, in various capacities of the different occupations.

And let us all extend our prayers to those who are at risk to this disease and let us also pray for those who are already exposed to this suffering and its affliction.

May all our prayers be heard by the Almighty Universal Divine Mother and may these prayers be permitted by Her to resonate wherever there is a need to help anyone and everyone.

May our Tradition give us the strength to collectively and as individuals bear the suffering of mankind and to provide succour to those who need this love in these tumultuous times.

May the prayers of the Most Holy sages and seers of the past present and future in the highest peaks of the Himalayas continue to vibrate into every microcosm of the earth and help ease our sufferings in this era of Kali Yuga.

May our prayers be to thank these Most Venerable Enlightened Beings wholeheartedly for Their prayers which has been helping this earth and all that live in Her ever since.

And may we all pray that the pandemic is not protracted and that the aftereffects of the pandemic including the world economy is not severely damaged especially so that the poor and the destitute have enough sustenance and shelter.

May each of us as representative souls of the Tradition do our part to alleviate the current crisis through our prayers and actions.

May the Master and the Lineage protect each one that requires deliverance.

Aum Guruve Namaha

Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti

In Service of Gurudev

Mohan Swami

Editor’s Note:

Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Mohan Swami, a disciple of Swami Rama, is the President of both AHYMSIN and Dhyana Mandiram Trust (DMT).