Love, Serve, Remember

Willem Meijer, 1952 - 2014



“So these two souls somewhere in their journey though time, through many
incarnations have silently said to each other our paths must cross for such a
deep relationship and we shall keep this rendezvous in time. We shall meet
at a place that is appropriate for the fulfillment of our karma. At a time
which is appropriate for us to pick up from where we have left off and invite
another soul or two to join us”
- Swami Veda Bharati

Willem Christiaan Meijer
Utrecht, 6 september 1952                                                           Nieuwegein, 7 september 2014

Mariko en Jerry


Lichtegaarde 32
3436 ZV Nieuwegein

Willem is thuis. U bent welkom om persoonlijk afscheid van hem te
nemen op woensdag 10 september van 19.00 tot 20.00 uur.
De herinneringsbijeenkomst vindt plaats op vrijdag 12 september
om 12.30 uur in de aula van begraafplaats Noorderveld, Structuurbaan 1
in Nieuwegein. Aansluitend begeleiden wij Willem samen naar zijn
laatste rustplaats op de naastgelegen begraafplaats.
Na afloop ontmoeten wij elkaar in de koffiekamer van begraafplaats

William is at home. You are welcome to personally say goodbye to him on Wednesday, September 10th from 19:00 to 20:00. The remembrance ceremony will be held on Friday, September 12th at 12.30 in the auditorium of cemetery Noorderveld, Structuurbaan 1 in Nieuwegein. Afterwards we accompany Willem together to his final resting place at the adjacent cemetery. Afterwards we meet in the coffee room of cemetery Noorderveld.


Hans and Louella Gerritsen have shared the news that Willem Meijer has passed away.

Willem Meijer has been instrumental in sharing the Himalayan tradition in Holland and Europe and also served in the first AHYMSIN Executive Committee. He was center leader in Holland: Himalayan Yoga Meditation Institute Netherlands https://www.himalaya-yoga.nl/https://www.himalaya-yoga.nl/  and also started the Yoga in Europe website https://www.yogaineurope.eu/https://www.yogaineurope.eu/ Also Randall Krause has commented that Willem "did wonderful work putting hours of SVB's and others talks into electronic form so they could be available."




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