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When Is the Full Moon?

The calendars differ. The western calendar used to have ten months. Then two Roman emperors thought they were stars in heaven; they added their names, Julius and Augustus Caesar, so two months were added, July and August. But the Roman (Julian) computers were not programmed properly! They forgot to re-number the months. Sept means seven but September is the ninth month! Oct means eight but October is the tenth month! Nove means nine but November is the eleventh month! Dece means ten but December is the twelfth month! Even the Gregorian calendar did not make the necessary adjustments.



In the ancient civilizations, in which timings of sacred events were very important, there are two kinds of calendars, solar and lunar. “Year” and “month” are terms in astronomy. Same conjunction of stars, planets and constellations should occur at the same time to mark the start of a year or a month. Various festivals in ancient traditions, including in India, are held according to the solar or the lunar calendar. That is when the energies flow.

So the dates of the Full Moon Meditations are announced after our Ashram astronomologers (neologism here!) have worked out the exact hours and minutes as you will see in the attached announcements of dates.

Swami Veda and other teachers will sit with you according to these dates. Please do join in the shared Full Moon mind-field.

People often ask, how do we tune into the Indian time? That is not how it goes. On which ever continent Swami Veda is at any given time, he sits at the times announced for your continent. Swami meditates four times during the Full Moon 24-hour period to accommodate people at the designated meditation timings. So he actually has a cycle of four sessions for different continents. Please meditate at the time for your continent—Swami Veda will be there.


Please see "Full Moon Meditations" for a table of timings.

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