Love, Serve, Remember

We are two birds of different branches

We are two birds of different branches, but share everything we have. 

She is the queen of night and I am the king of day. 

We fly over and over to the unknown destinations in our kingdom.


We begin our journey together into different directions though we have the same destination. 

We live here and there though we share the same hut.


It is day for her when it is night in my side though we share the same land. 

She reveals the secret of love when I don’t fall in love with her and rise every moment.


My heart in winks and out winks at her will. 

The mystery of my love is in her rise while I fall within me.

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" Be confident, self-reliant, and always say to yourself, 'I will do it. I can do it. I have to do it.' These confirmations build the power of determination, or sankalpa shakti. "

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