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This year’s subscription Swamiji's lectures (available on https://www.swamiveda.com is a must for any aspirant! Below is a list of the lectures. Included in this year’s subscription is the continuation of the Shiva Sutra series by Swami Veda with a short series on the history of Shaivism. The subscription also includes the continuation of the series "Yoga in Daily Life" and a 1982 Seminar on Vyasa. 

All of the lectures have been re-mastered and uploaded and are ready for purchase. With the global economy the way it is, every subscription helps Swami Veda’s mission immensely.

Here is the complete list:

Yoga in Daily Life 2244.mp3

Yoga in Daily Life 2245.mp3

Yoga in Daily Life 2246.mp3

Yoga in Daily Life 2247.mp3

Yoga in Daily Life 2248.mp3

Yoga in Daily Life 2249.mp31

Vyasa Seminar 1982.mp32

Vyasa Seminar 1982.mp33

Vyasa Seminar 1982.mp34

Vyasa Seminar 1982.mp35

Vyasa Seminar 1982.mp36

Vyasa Seminar 1982.mp37

Vyasa Seminar 1982.mp38

Vyasa Seminar 1982.mp3

2351 - Philosophy of Unity in Diversity .mp3

2352 - Philosophy of Unity in Diversity .mp3

3401 - Process of Conscious Mind.mp3

3402 - Levels of Reality.mp3

3403 - Eleven Steps to Living on your Philosophy.mp3

3403 - Meditation on Stillness.mp3

3404 - Mahavakyas - Great Sentences.mp3

3405 - Methods of Negation & Analytical Contemplation.mp3

3406 - Contemplation & Internal Dialogue.mp3

Mimamsa 1.mp3

Mimamsa 2.mp3

Mimamsa 3.mp3

Systems of Philosophy 1.mp3

Systems of Philosophy 2.mp3

History of Shaivism 1.mp3

History of Shaivism 2.mp3

History of Shaivism 3.mp3

11-16.SVB-Shiva SutraI-7, I-1.mp3

11-17.SVB-Shiva Sutra Q&A E.mp3

11-19.SVB-Shiva Sutra I-10, I.mp3

11-20.SVB-Shiva Sutra (Lala) D.mp3

11-21.SVB-Comments after Full.mp3

11-21.SVB-Shiva Sutra (Anusva).mp3

11-23.SVB Shiva Sutra I-12. I.mp3

11-24.SVB-Shiva Sutra I-14, I.mp3

11-26.SVB-Shiva Sutra Comment.mp3

11-27.SVB-Shiva Sutra I-15, I.mp3

11-28.SVB-Shiva Sutra Closing.mp3

11-29.SVB-Shiva Sutra I-18, I.mp3

11-30.SVB-Shiva Sutra I-20, I.mp3

Unblocking Yourself I.mp3

Unblocking Yourself II.mp3

Unblocking Yourself III.mp3

Unblocking Yourself IV.mp3

Unblocking Yourself V.mp3

Unblocking Yourself VI.mp3

Unblocking Yourself VII.mp3

Unblocking Yourself VIII.mp3


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