Love, Serve, Remember

Your Teacher Is Always in Your Heart

In May, 2009, a beautiful message to the Himalayan community was conveyed by Kai, the 6¾ year-old child of Swamiji's dear students, Jon and Veena.
After a Karate session, Veena was waiting to teach meditation to their instructor, when Kai sat down on her meditation cushion.  His hands spontaneously formed a mudra, he looked as if off into a great distance, and these words came out of his mouth:

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Orissa "New Dawn" Project

Out of my participation in the Yoga-conference at Whit Sunday, the Initiation event after Christ's resurrection, I wrote the following full moon text.  Andy Logan helped me translate it into Enlgish.  (Editor's note: Wolfgang's invitation can be remembered  whenever  you next sit or as a reflection of the invitation that is with us at all times. )

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When Is the Full Moon?

The calendars differ. The western calendar used to have ten months. Then two Roman emperors thought they were stars in heaven; they added their names, Julius and Augustus Caesar, so two months were added, July and August. But the Roman (Julian) computers were not programmed properly! They forgot to re-number the months. Sept means seven but September is the ninth month! Oct means eight but October is the tenth month! Nove means nine but November is the eleventh month! Dece means ten but December is the twelfth month! Even the Gregorian calendar did not make the necessary adjustments.


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" Let your pleasure be in that you caused pleasure in the Other. To seek pleasure in return is to cancel what you gave. "
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