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The Beauty of Pain

Pain, either physical or emotional, is very important in life. It is the best teacher and helps one to evolve if one learns to endure and watch it. Whereas the pleasure is superficial, the grief can be intense and deep. A day or week of fun can whiz like a moment, but an hour of agony seems like living the whole life in it. A week of fun can’t teach us what an hour of intense hurt can. This is the beauty of pain.

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Meeting SVB and King Cobra

The only time I had the opportunity to meet Swami Rama was in 1996 at his Rishikesh ashram, Sadhana Mandir. He was not well but was kind to invite me and my friend, Dr. David Frawley (who was also accompanying me), for a brief “darshan.”  After a few moments, he fixed his hypnotic gaze on me and said, “You should meet Swami Veda.” The meeting was over with these words. He asked someone to bring us both to Swami Veda.

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Now after Years of Yoga Nidra, I Am Moved from the Inside

The writer of this letter to Swamiji has generously offered to share it with you. 

Dear Swamiji,



My illness started in Malaysia in 2005 with sight problems including double vision.  In November I was accompanying my son to Singapore by bus when I suddenly became paralyzed from head to toe. I could neither walk nor move my arms; I could hardly swallow and barely breathe. At the same time I suffered terrible muscular cramps. We were close to Malacca, and the bus made an urgent detour to take me to Hospital for Emergency treatment.

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" Be confident, self-reliant, and always say to yourself, 'I will do it. I can do it. I have to do it.' These confirmations build the power of determination, or sankalpa shakti. "

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