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This year’s subscription to https://www.swamiveda.com/https://www.swamiveda.com/ is a must for any aspirant! Below is a list of the lectures. Included in this year’s subscription is the continuation of the Shiva Sutra series by Swami Veda with a short series on the history of Shaivism. The subscription also includes the continuation of the series "Yoga in Daily Life" and a 1982 Seminar on Vyasa. 

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Vishnu Panigrahi

Dear AHYMSIN Family,

This letter is to inform you with deep regret that the Acharya and senior faculty of the teacher training program of AHYMSIN, have decided that Vishnu Panigrahi

1. Does not possess sufficient adhikara to teach as a fully qualified teacher  in the name of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition, as it is transmitted through Swami Rama of the Himalayas and Swami Veda Bharati; thus, he should not be sponsored under the auspices of our affiliated centers in any country.

2. Has always been considered a student-in-training and for disciplinary reasons, we felt it necessary to make it clear that he is not a trained teacher and does not represent the Tradition.

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Use of Yoga Nidra for Creativity and for Enhancing Intuitive Faculty

What is creativity? It seems an obvious question. We know what it is? Do we? The word comes from Latin “Creo” to make. Who makes? Makes from what? The answer has changed over the course of history and is different in different cultures! Peter Meusberg’s research showed 100 definitions of what creativity is.


In what we call the western influenced sphere of the globe, creativity originally was seen as “God’s Job”; he created things out of nothing. Humans were considered creative only as per Divine Inspiration (and that only as: Artists, Jesters and Sages).

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The Beauty of Pain

Pain, either physical or emotional, is very important in life. It is the best teacher and helps one to evolve if one learns to endure and watch it. Whereas the pleasure is superficial, the grief can be intense and deep. A day or week of fun can whiz like a moment, but an hour of agony seems like living the whole life in it. A week of fun can’t teach us what an hour of intense hurt can. This is the beauty of pain.

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" Casting your eyes toward past actions while living in the present is a misuse of time and energy. The past can never be recalled, though the memories of the past remain stored in the unconscious. We are still here and we can make our future. Everyone can make good use of the present and the future regardless of what happened in the past. "

Swami Rama

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