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April 2013 AHYMSIN Newsletter and Full Moon Reminder

The April 2013 AHYMSIN Newsletter and Full Moon Reminder was published after the date of the full moon in April 2013.  Our apologies for this.

It had been scheduled to go out before the date of the full moon, but we had technical difficulties and the scheduled mailing did not go out.  This has been corrected and the newsletter was sent out as soon as possible.  We hope in the future to publish the newsletter in time for you to also receive the full moon reminder in a timely fashion.

Meanwhile, we hope that you have enjoyed the April newsletter, with its many articles and photos.  

If you have not seen the 2013 April AHYMSIN Newsletter, you can see it at this link: https://www.ahymsin.org/docs2/News/1304Apr/e-mail.html And if you do not currently subscribe and would like to subscribe, you can do so at this link: https://www.ahymsin.org/main/index.php?option=com_civicrm&view=Profiles&Itemid=147

We thank all the authors and photographers who contributed to this edition and to other editions.  We invite you as a sangha member to contribute too. You can contact us at: https://www.ahymsin.org/main/index.php/Contact-Us/AHYMSIN-Office.html

Shiva-Sankalpa-Sūktam (from SRSG Handbook)

(Yajur Veda)


ॐ यज्जाग्रतो दूरमुदैति दैवं तदु सुप्तस्य तथैवैति।
दूरङ्गमं ज्योतिषां ज्योतिरेकं तन्मे मनः शिवसङ्कल्पमस्तु॥१॥


Om yaj jāgrato dῡram udaiti daivaṁ
tadu suptasya tathaivaiti,
dῡraṅgamaṁ jyotiṣāṁ jyotir ekaṁ
tan me manaḥ shiva-saṅkalpam astu. (1)


Om. That divine shining force which travels far as one is awake and also travels far and wide, the same way, when one is asleep, this far going, far travelling, one light of many lights, may that my mind be filled with beautiful and benevolent thoughts.

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