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Orissa "New Dawn" Project

Out of my participation in the Yoga-conference at Whit Sunday, the Initiation event after Christ's resurrection, I wrote the following full moon text.  Andy Logan helped me translate it into Enlgish.  (Editor's note: Wolfgang's invitation can be remembered  whenever  you next sit or as a reflection of the invitation that is with us at all times. )

Dear Friends,
On Sunday the 7.06.09 it is once again the Full Moon. Swami Veda, Swami Tat Sat and I are inviting each of you to take one hour at 9 pm to contemplate on the theme of how to transform a powerful Vision into practical action.
On Whit Sunday, I was invited by Anna Troekes, Germany's foremost Yoga teacher, to a conference entitled " Unity in Diversity " where she asked me to conduct 2 workshops about the Himalayan Masters Tradition. The 200 Yoga Teachers that were present were inspired by these words from Anna: " Let's stop putting ourselves above other Yoga Schools, judging them as inferior and pretending that we practice a better Yoga. Let's understand that together we form a single community longing for true realisation, to become liberated human beings, and so support each other towards that end."
Then she offered me the opportunity to talk about the " Orissa 'New Dawn' Project " .
This is the story of my spiritual Brother, Bhagabandev, who set up a school for 50 boys in one of the poorest regions of India. From a beginning where they had no opportunities in life and very little food, they are now able to compete against the best school children in India.
As Bhagabandev and I were walking around the grounds of the school, we noticed a young girl watching us from the other side of the boundary fence.  She held a baby in here arms and a look of longing in her eyes. We approached her and asked her what she wanted. She said: "I want to join the school because the most important thing for me is to be able to learn. " We explained to her that this was not possible, because it was a boys only school. She was silent for some time and a look of deep sadness came into her eyes. At last she said: " So then I wish to die, and be reincarnated as a boy and come back and reapply to your school. Then I would be allowed to learn something."
Her words went straight into my heart and in that moment I made a commitment to myself that I would do whatever I could to build a girl's school right there in Orissa for Savitri and all the other young girls like her. I realised that I could never do this simply by myself, but that I would have to gather donations from all around the world if I were ever to be able to fulfill that commitment.
No sooner had I told this story to the Conference than all the participants as a single body responded that they all wanted to help me fulfill that vision.
The Whitsun Festival is a celebration of the very first Initiation of the diciples with the power of the Holy Ghost. In Essence, this Initiation shows us that we are all connected to the Celestial Worlds. In practical terms, as we realise this truth we come to understand that at all times the power that comes from the Celestial Worlds is available to us. What is this power? It is nothing less than the most profound Sacred Love, which in being received asks us to live from a place of Selfless Service. This is what I invite you all to contemplate during the still Full Moon hour. Once we begin to live this Sacred Love into the world our lives themselves become meditative acts. When we live our meditation and our love in this way, we can translate the power of the Celestial World into practical achievements in this one. With this power behind us, we can transform the living conditions in Orissa. The Project has grown into an integrated Vision where the provision of Education, Healthcare and Vocational Training will lead to the creation of work and money which will feed back into education in an interactive virtuous cycle. This process honours both the human world and the Celestial realm by developing human potential and reducing human poverty which Gandhi called the greatest form of oppression in the world.
So let's make our Contemplation and Meditation practical and turn our Vision into reality by sending a donation in aid of this project. Our ultimate aim is to raise 100,000 but anything you can spare will be deeply appreciated.
In building the Girls School in Orissa, we will create a living symbol of what Loving Selfless Service means. In doing this we will demonstrate that the Full Moon Meditation is not just an otherworldly practice but a powerful force that serves Humanity.
Now I wish you a blissful, silent hour of deep contemplation and meditation on the full moon day
I am sending you love from the depth of my heart
A website has been created for the Orissa New Dawn Project:  https://www.orissa-a-new-dawn.org/EN/index.htmlhttps://www.orissa-a-new-dawn.org/EN/index.html
Donations can be sent to: Gueldenholm Foundation--Orissa
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
IBAN : DE13 4306 0967 0012 4548 02
(Editor's note: Wolfgang is the Spiritual Director of the Himalayan Institute, Germany, and also serves on the AHYMSIN Spiritual Committee.)

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