Love, Serve, Remember


O Master!

As you came walking

On the path made of roseate crimson earth,

My consciousness waltzed around

As smoke from smoldering sambrani[2]

Where your foot-impressions were!

Innumerable shreds of my ashes

Finer than the softest of dust

As half-bloomed jasmines

Immersed in their own fragrance

Spread around invisibly

Where your foots-impressions were!

The life-giving element of water 

Flowing through my veins

As droplets of blood and vital fluidsIn harmony rushed unasked

As a gentle stream of love

To where your foot-impressions were!

The element of fire in me

Carrying the dross of mind and heart

Burned joyously as camphor

Offering homage to the Self-luminous

Pervasive infinite form

To where your foot-impressions were!

Purified by the holy Word (Mantra)

Peacefully self-aware

My controlled breaths

Offered themselves

In moments of quiet surrender

To where your foot-impressions were!


The space taken by my form

Shrugged off my very being —

The way the parijata tree

Scatters its coral jasmines by dawn —

Invisibly merged, O Master!

With where your foot-impressions were!


[1] (Offerings to Swami Veda’s Master) Based on the meditative Hindu ritual of offering to God, in the form of five elements, oneself along with one’s consciousness.

[2] An Indian incense powder used on hot coals to cleanse the environment with smoke; and is also used in the daily religious rituals as an offering to God.  Now it is sold in the form of sticks as well.


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