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Important Announcements following the Mahasamadhi of Swami Veda Bharati

Our beloved Spiritual Guide Swami Veda Bharati passed from his body on 14th July 2015.Our beloved Spiritual Guide Swami Veda Bharati passed from his body on 14th July 2015. Please see below three important messages.

Dear Family Members,

The AHYMSIN family will continue to receive guidance that flows from the Sages in Himalayan Tradition.

As per Swamiji's WILL,

Swami Ritavan Bharati has been appointed

To the position of Spiritual Head, i.e. Ashrama Pramukha, of Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG).

Dr. Mohan Swami, the beloved disciple of Gurudeva Swami Rama, has been appointed as

President of Dhyana Mandiram Trust.

With warm regards,
Sadhana Mishra
General Secretary - Ahymsin and DMT

(Dr. Mohan Swami is also the President of AHYMSIN and has been since the foundation of AHYMSIN in 2007.)

Dear Family Members,

It is indeed a great loss to all those who were touched by Swamiji. His calling ‎back by the Tradition is anticipated.

Swamiji did so much for so many all over the world. Swamiji embodied love and gentleness. His approach to any fundamental issue was wrapped with holistic ‎ingredients.

He stoically pursued the instructions of the Master Gurudev Swami Rama with utmost love, commitment and passion. His awe and respect of the Master and the Lineage remained consistent throughout ‎his lifetime. He never wished to waiver even a wee bit from the teachings of the Himalayan tradition according to his Master.

The Silence helped his body, but he was relentless in his views to do more. ‎'Rest Swamiji please. Your health is important,' all used to say. 'But how? There is so much more to be done' was his usual reply.

Swamiji's fragrance will continue to linger in SRSG. His laughter will continue to be heard. His love will continue to permeate each soul who passes through ‎his eye.

Swamiji had expressed his intention to complete a few more works on certain texts as instructed. This must be accomplished by his disciples. We request and invite continued dedication and participation of all AHYMSIN family members in taking forward Swami Veda's Mission.

In service,
Swami Ritavan Bharati (Ashrama Pramukha)              Tan Shri Datuk Dr. Mohan Swami (President)

Dear AHYMSIN Family,

On this day, 17th July 2015, our beloved Swami Veda Bharati took Jal-Samadhi in the holy river Ganga. The ceremony was attended by hundreds of family members from our global community. Well known religious leaders and followers also graced the occasion.

On 29th July, 2015,16 days after Swamiji left his body,  Shradhanjali will be held at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama at 10.30 am. Family members who wish to attend are warmly and lovingly welcome.

In Service,
Swami Ritavan Bharati

(Shradhanjali is a time for offering homage to the departed soul, a time to pay homage to Swami Veda Bharati. It will be followed by a feast wherein the Mahamandeleshwars, Dandi Dhaaris, sadhus and general public are fed, a bhandara.  The feast is indicative that the mourning period is now over.)

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