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Questions for Self-Examination


“The big questions about life still remain questions: Who am I? From where have I come? What is the purpose of life? Where will I go from here?”
-Swami Rama


Re-examine Suggestions made by Swami Veda since 2007



Here is a short list of endeavours which may take a considerable amount of time, it would seem. But actually, these are simple services one can perform easily with a little dedication, a little feeling of giving importance to them.

You do so much for yourself — now increase what you do for others.  This is your action plan, a business plan for living a full life.


Let your selfless service increase, whether by one percent or five percent or whatever.  Increase the time and energy you spend in SELFLESS service of others. That is the first concrete action you can begin with.


Refine your personal practices and include:
a) Concentrating more on exhalations. This will help you achieve 2:1 ratio of breathing without physical effort.

b) Repeat the homework that was given for the period July 2005 to February 2007, that is, (1) Symptoms of weak and strong mind and how to develop a strong mind, and (2) “Marks of Spiritual Progress” homework, until perfected. Read “Mind Field: The Playground of Gods” at https://www.ahymsin.org/main/index.php/Swami-Veda-Bharati/mind-field.html .

c) The new practice to be introduced at the Gathering of the Sangha, February 2010;

d) Keep your regular meditation time. In addition to that, you may sit at other times in the day.

Do not forget to take 2 minutes, 3 minute breaks, for breath-awareness many, many times in the day.


Prepare a study and practice plan for yourself.  This month I will read this, next month I will read that, the following month, I will read that. Plan for the last breath of your life, what will be the state of your mind at that moment, and thereby what you wish to be in your next life, what kind of life would you like to have next time. Plan for that elevation of yourself and thus, preparing a study plan and spiritual plans.


Popularize the full moon meditations so that many more people can benefit from them.  Let them know of the benefit and availability.


Plan for a silence retreat of 3 days, 7 days, 10 days.  If you are courageous, 40 days, and if you are really, really more courageous, 90 days.  Come to refresh your heart, mind, and soul.  Build it into your year’s plan.

Do small retreats in your regions.  We have established a system of regional AHYMSINs.  You do not have to have lectures all the time.  Five, six, seven or any number of you can join together and go to some place of silence; you can even do it in a home if you have room for five or seven to lie down in your basement.  Set a day’s program modelled on the ashram:  hatha at such time; breakfast at such time; a period of silence and meditation; and listening to the practices on mp3 or CDs.

Plan from now when you will come next for a teachers’ training retreat.


If you are a teacher, prepare your students to become linked to the Guru lineage by way of initiation. (See: https://www.ahymsin.org/main/index.php/Himalayan-Tradition/initiation.htmlhttps://www.ahymsin.org/main/index.php/Himalayan-Tradition/initiation.html)

Prepare your students—when they take a hatha class, what is the next step?
o Give them the book Philosophy of Hatha Yoga;
o Give them our booklets on meditation and mantra.
o Have a study plan for them.

The number of travelling teachers is going to increase now.  Do facilitate their coming to your area.

You can also help many people spiritually, and this ashram in extending its teaching as well as financially, by forming groups to come to the ashram on a regular basis.

Ask for advice. There are a lot of teachers who can advise you and you can write to the AHYMSIN Adhyatma Samiti, or Spiritual Committee, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Check the Websites regularly, and especially the newsletters that appear in www.swamiveda.org and www.ahymsin.org.

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