Spiritual Message for This Holy-Days Season from Swami Ritavan Bharati


Dear Visitor,

"Guiding Light of Love Reborn---Celebrate!"

As you would hold a child in a hug, and breathe with a relaxed body, now do that with the desires and fears that you intently hold; Relaxing is to let-go, and letting-go is non-attachment.

This subtle relaxation of mind relieves the spiritual fears and afflictions from mind that holds them as, "me, mine and I";
and deeper than this, is to re-awaken your conscience as the "voice" of mantra---your companion and guide.

Breathe through THIS mental-body.
Breathe with THIS Name and Identity.
May this Birth and Name be the reawakened soul you now celebrate,
the birth of peace, the name that is full of joy;
resolving to continue--each day, and each breath in the coming year.

With all love and light of the Tradition,
and through the grace of the Lineage,
Blessing you and your loved ones in this holy-days season.
Swami Ritavan Bharati

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