Re: 2019 Spiritual Festival

Re: 2019 Spiritual Festival
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Dear Visitor,

In our recent mailing "2019 Spiritual Festival," there was an error in the 3rd footnote with the quotations from the SAUNDARYA LAHARI. Below please read the corrected version as it was originally provided.  The "2019 Spiritual Festival" information can be read online by clicking on the title.

3 SAUNDARYA LAHARI, VERSE 3 by Shankaracharya

avidyānāṁ antas-timira-mihirod dvīpana-karī
jaḍānāṁ chaitanya-stabaka-makaranda-śhruti sṛtiḥ
daridrāṇāṁ chintā-maṇi-guṇanikā janma-jaladhau
nimagnānāṁ daṁṣṭrā mura-ripu varāhasya bhavatī.

Thou art the sun that dispels the darkness of the ignorant;
to the unknowing Thou art a spiritual flower overflowing with honey;
to the needy Thou art the gem which bestows one’s heart’s desires;
and to those who are drowned in the ocean of births and deaths,
Thou art the Rescuer.

SAUNDARYA LAHARI, VERSE 27 by Shankaracharya

japo jalpaḥ śhilpam sakalam api mudrā virachanam
gatiḥ prādakśhiṇya-kramaṇam aśhan ādyāhuti-vidhiḥ
praṇāmas-saṃveśhas-sukham akhilam ātmārpaṇa-daśhā
saparyā-paryāyas tava bhavatu yan me vilasitam

“Oh, Supreme Divine Mother,
Whatever action of mine, may it be intended for and dedicated to Your worship:
may my speech become recitation of Your name as prayer (japa),
may all my actions become gestures of Your worship (mudras),
may all my movements become a circumambulation around Your form (pradakshina),
may all my food and drink become offerings to You as oblations to divine fire (havan),
may all my resting and sleep become prostrations to You (pranam)
may all my worldly pleasures and enjoyments be transformed into acts of devotion to you (seva),
(May “I” become “Thine” and “Thou” become “mine”, O Mother.”)“Oh, Supreme Divine Mother,

Yours in service,  — Ahymsin Office

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