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Report from Guru Purnima 2010

"Were you able to join Guru Purnima on line? Murari from Oregon and Smita and Neela were here, Joanne from India too. People from close and far," Veena Haasl-Blilie asked. People from Guyana came to The Meditation Center in Minneapolis to attend this year's celebration.

"Swami Veda's Guru Purnima celebration was broadcast live from Minneapolis - 26 July 2010 and via Skype to the Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) Ashram in Rishikesh  as well as simultaneusly to the Milwaukee Center. The "Bharati Radio" broadcast was heard by many throughout North America." - svb

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2004 Guru Purnima Transcript

From the Guru Purnima celebration, 2004,

Swami Veda (SVB) speaks:

 "...It's now eight o'clock.  I do not know if everyone here knows about my world group meditations.  It's something I have started recently by Guru's command.  I have found in life that when there are no answers to problems in tangible forms the answers are in the intangible world and for a number a years we have been struggling with the question of Swami Veda travelling, travelling, travelling and how can he stop travelling and still maintain contact and so we have started this a few months back the world group mediation.  A time is announced for different continents and I sit wherever I am and people sit at that time.  Like for the people of India which was today 7 am for them but for us last night 8:30 we sat, I sat.  A number of people were here at that time and they all sat all over India at 7 am.  Then this morning 7 am I sat for the people of Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and 2 pm I sat for the people of Europe and England and now 9 pm I have to sit for all the people of north and south America and Caribbean.  So we have just one hour in which we will condense what we have to condense and then I hope you will sit for that hour feeling that hundreds of people are sitting in their homes or in their own groups and centres throughout the Canada and USA, Caribbean, South American wherever we have our connections.  So we will keep the program very short.

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2008 Guru Purnima Message

I pray to the divinity in you. 

We offer our worship to the Guru of all Gurus, the teacher of all teachers, the perennial, the eternal Guru, the formless, the transcendent One. 
We offer our worship to hiranyagarbha, the Guru, the teaching spirit of the universe whose body this universe is. To hiranyagarbha, the golden womb, the teaching spirit of the universe whose body this universe is. 

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