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Guru Purnima Message 2011

Dear Fellow Disciple,

May a full moon enter your skull on the night of Guru-purnima.

A disciple is helpless when the mantras flow into his soul from the thousand udders of the cosmic sound-ocean of the Guru. 

I have chosen to present them as they have appeared to honour the sacred waves that flow inwards towards us as at an auspicious and blessingsful conjunction of estrellas of grace. 

Those celebrating the guru-purnima may this time take a year to daily contemplate the hidden meanings of these mantras received from the Guru. 

Tasmai shree-gurave namah: My prostrations, my homage, my surrender, my ‘not mine’ is offered in love to that Guru.

 This here is a helpless disciple sharing the guru’s prasada with all other helpless disciples. 

 Swami Veda Bharati

 Guru-purnima 2011

Madhoodakam tRShitaaya chetase

Sanaa jaagran me tanvas tmano vashee

bhraajad-rashmih paavakah shuchih

somo gurur bhadra-geer aasheer-daa bhoot.

Om eem amrtaaya tejase shreem viraaD-gurave namah

Honeyed water for a mind athirst

His speech a blessing conferred from eternity

Eternally wakeful He is Master of my body and soul.

My eyes are affixed upon the visible and invisible 

Rays emanating from the feet of that moonlike Deity.

Om Eem1, unto that immortal Light, 

Shreem, unto the universe-Expanse Guru

My prostrations, my homage, my surrender, my ‘not mine’ is offered in love. 

hRdaa su-peeto vaacho agne rasah 

svarvaan satya rtasyaamitaujasah

praanasyormir aaviSh-kRNvan mayRtam

rashmeer vi-kiran dhRtir indriyasya 

Om a’eem saarasvataaya shreem pRthivyaa gurave namah

 Who is the essence, flavour, savour, juice of fire that is speech,

Drunk in the heart in abandon, the heavenly truth 

---of the Perennial Law filled with immeasurable luminous power;

Wave of prana revealing in me that perennial law,

Radiating rays that are the sustaining power 

---of all that is in the lord of heaven 

Om a’eem, unto the incarnate form of Saraswati,

Shreem, to the guru of Earth

My prostrations, my homage, my surrender, my ‘not mine’ is offered in love.


viShNoh karmaaNi tri-padasyoshmasi

dhaatur dhaatraaNi dheeShu dhareemasi

somasyaapaam shikhaah pra pibaamasi

syasya naamnaam dhaamni ni vishaamasi

Om hreem vaiShNavaaya 

shreem aantarikShyaaya gurave namah

We love the acts of that Preserving Lord ViShNu, he of triple stride

We establish and hold the sustaining powers 

---of the Sustainer in our intuitive intellects

We drink fully the flames of the waters of soma-moon

We enter deeply the abodes of His Names.

Om hreem, unto the incarnate form of ViShNu the Preserver

Shreem, unto the guru who is dweller of the skies of inner vision

My prostrations, my homage, my surrender, my ‘not mine’ is offered in love.

pashupateh pashavah pashyaama yam

yasya chakShuShaa ni bhaalayaama yam

yash chakShuShor na aa-sthitah svayam

pasyaati tmaanam tasya tmaa cha nah

Om kleem paashupataaya 

shreem divaspataye gurave namah

We who see only with the eyes of senses, 

---we the cattle of the Lord of beasts,

---the One Whom we see thus with Whose own eye

He Who Himself dwelling in our own eyes

Sees His self and Whose Self sees our self

Om kleem, unto the very form of the Lord of the beasts

Shreem, unto the guru who is the Master of luminous heaven

My prostrations, my homage, my surrender, my ‘not mine’ is offered in love.


Ya upaashraayya mayi shriyo adhi

Mrtyosh chakShmaandham svar jyotir vaarayat

Praavaahayad oormeer oodhasaam shatam

SamudraaNaam maam vi drsho’rNavaanaam 

Om streem sahasra-rashmaye  

Shreem brahmaaNDeshvaraaya gurave namah

Who made me a resort of shree-glories

Warded death’s glances with heavenly light

Made to flow unto me in all varieties

 ---the waves from a thousand udders of the cosmic sound-oceans  

Om streem, unto the thousand-rayed,

Shreem, unto the guru, the Lord of brahma-egg universes

My prostrations, my homage, my surrender, my ‘not mine’ is offered in love.

poorNenduh kalasho yatra soma aa-plutah

yatraaraa rashmeenaam vi-dhRtaa sahasram

tatraa guruh sinchati soonRtaanaam

kaavyaa ushanaa na amRtaa su-jeevaa

Om eem, a’eem, hreem, kleem, streem,shreem gurave namah

Sacred goblet is the full moon where into soma2  is flooding,

the one where the arrays of thousand rays are held variously

---forming sahasraara---

There the guru sprinkles the epics of inspired sweet streams

 of poetic speech, like the self-controlled loving sage-poet Ushanas of yore.

These streams are indeed beyond the pale of death;

These are the beautiful beings of very Life. 

To that Guru, my prostrations, my homage, my surrender, my ‘not mine’ is offered in love.

 1A beeja-mantra of shakti, Energy, potential, that is the Mother divine of the universe dwelling in the Omnipotent. The syllables, shreem, a’eem, hreem, kleem, streem in these mantras are similarly seed-words of different aspects and powers of the Mother Divine. The secrets of these are known to the masters of the mantra science.   
2For an explanation of the word soma, please see Shri Vamadeva Shastri (Dr.David Frawley)’s forthcoming book Soma in Yoga and Ayurveda The Power of Rejuvenation and Immortality, and its Foreword by Swami Veda Bharati. The book is expected to be published within 3-6 months.


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