2008 Guru Purnima Message

I pray to the divinity in you. 

We offer our worship to the Guru of all Gurus, the teacher of all teachers, the perennial, the eternal Guru, the formless, the transcendent One. 
We offer our worship to hiranyagarbha, the Guru, the teaching spirit of the universe whose body this universe is. To hiranyagarbha, the golden womb, the teaching spirit of the universe whose body this universe is. 
We offer our worship to the manasi-srishti, the mind creation, the first Gurus whose bodies consist only of mind, who are the mantreshwaras, the lords of the mantras, embodying the entire cosmic mystical sound -the background Om in all sounds and in lights of which we are but particles of the mantric light and sound. 
We pay homage to Brahma-rishis, deva-rishis, the rishis, the sages, the seers of the celestial realms and their decedents, the rishis of this Earth who brought their mind bodies into physical bodies, remained embodied for a time, and then went back to being the mind-beings and then 
We pay homage to the entire lineage of all the Gurus begun and initiated by the rishis before the Orders of human history --- the entire chain whose numbers are not countable in millenniums, centuries, years; 
Yet, who, dwelling in their mind-bodies continue to touch our minds so that there arises in us from time to time an aspiration to ascend, and 
By whose grace we are brought to the particles of light and sound which becomes our sacred linkage to these sources of our initiation -- 
----who send forth the mantras,
----who make the mantra rise and whirl in our minds by their secret, sacred mind presence. 
Unto them we pay homage and to the last of our lineage, to our Gurudev. 
We undertake a pilgrimage to visit them in their cave, the cave of our heart where we perform worship to them. 
2008 Guru Purnima Message
Swami Veda Bharati
The Meditation Center,The Meditation Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA