Swamiji in Trinidad, September 2009

Personal Reflections 


Swami Veda’s first three public lectures in Trinidad took place at very different venues but his powerful message was the same. The common thread of course was “meditation.”  At all three lectures, the practicum set the tone. At the Chinmaya Mission, there was a very large crowd. As Swamiji entered, we all saw that the audience was fully participating as Savitri led gentle stretches and postures with breath-awareness. At the University of the West Indies, Swamiji’s topic of “Unifying Streams in Religion” was very well received. As he went through a series of examples of how similar the important themes are, there were nods of assent and smiles from the audience


At the Raja Yoga Center, Swamiji voiced his observation that he was very happy to see changes in Trinidad and that members of the community seemed more spiritually aware. He congratulated all on the progress made on that quest. In his opening remarks, he wished that in this very life all come to personally know God. Swamiji’s lecture was so philosophical, poetic and inspiring!


After the first three public lectures finished, there was a beautiful dinner on the balcony of the Raja Yoga Center in San Fernando. Sister Hemlata and all of the Brothers and Sisterswere so gracious, warm and welcoming and happy to be able to host Swamiji. Everyone in Swamiji’s group received a little book of thoughts and affirmations.


On Friday, September 11th, 2009, there will be a Symposium entitled “Wanam: Traditions in Conversation.” The book launch is hosted by the Dept. of Behavioural Sciences at UWI. There will be three panels each of four members and a moderator. The first panel represents the voice of academics and the second panel represents the voice of women. The third panel represents the voice of religious practitioners. The book launch for Wanam will be on Saturday 12th September. These events have been widely publicized in the local newspapers. Dr. Vishwa Mahadeo and a group of 16 arrived from Guyana for the Book Launch today. Swamiji was very pleased that Guyana is represented.


Everyone tries to ensure that Swamiji takes as much rest as possible. Today, Thursday is supposed to be a rest day but we are expecting two separate but short interviews from the press, and also for the Indian High Commissioner, who also served in Mauritius before, to visit, possibly for dinner. Tomorrow, it is planned that Swamiji would see the Bird Sanctuary so we are all looking forward to this.


Aunt Dolly is busy in the kitchen today making black eye soup (here it is called sancoach and has black eye peas but in Guyana it is called metagee), boiled corn and fresh vegetables. Yesterday she made dumplings from whole wheat flour and the day before she made the delectable ‘bake’ which Swamiji enjoyed verymuch. The milky drinks are the highlight of his day especially the soursop and babbadeen. The milk is so fresh that thick cream forms after being boiled


As always, this link should take you to the pictures. https://picasaweb.google.com/Preadarshni/Trinidad09#5378492902061020882https://picasaweb.google.com/Preadarshni/Trinidad09#5378492902061020882 


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