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Swami Veda Visits Taiwan, January 2011

Swamiji's lectures in Taiwan, “Joy Yoga: Resolving the Challenges of Your Life”, were as always, a huge success. The two lectures received altogether around 800 people, with near 300 people in Kaohsiung and near 500 in Taipei. Almost half of the participants were new faces; they were either introduced by friends or were attracted by the event announcement in the book Joy Yoga. The lectures were conducted in English and were interpreted by Shi Hong.



Become a Bodhisattva


In Kaohsiung, Swamiji renamed the lecture to “Become a Bodhisattva” and shared with participants the mantra “"Smera-smera-stimita"-- Smiling, smiling, serene and stilled !” Many participants said that they were so touched by Swamiji’s wisdom and selfless love. They stood in a long queue to receive Swamiji’s blessing and we almost missed the last high speed train back to Taipei.


In Taipei, Swamiji renamed the lecture to “You Are a Bodhisattva” to encourage people having ambition towards the path of Bodhisattva. We received so much good feedback from old and new friends; some even said this lecture instantly changed their mind.


AHYMSIN Taiwan Prepares


AHYMSIN Taiwan prepared prayers CDs, booklets, and Swamiji's mudra photo card for the participants. As the prayers CD were played before the lectures, the CD was the most popular item. Many people enquired about the prayer times at the ashram, expressing interest in visiting Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama.


Friends from AHYMSIN Taiwan devoted their effort in making the event successful. The preparation work, which had started as early as November 2010, paid off when people saw Swamiji on the stage talking to a full house of enthusiastic crowd.




Between the lectures in Kaohsiung and Taipei, Swamiji was invited to be a speaker at the TEDx Taipei event on the 15th of January. The subject was “Big Hopes for the Next Decade” and Swamiji was the last speaker to give an overall conclusion. Most of the audience were in the younger generation and were business people, Swamiji lead a meditation and brought everyone into deep silence. People were impressed with the power of silence. The energy flow enveloped everyone for such a long time that it was felt even after Swamiji left the stage. The founders of TEDx Taipei, Jason Hsu and Kevin Peng, expressed their special appreciation, because no one had been able to lead the entire audience into such a feeling of peace and joy before.


“TED” stands for “Technology, Entertainment and Design”. They hold international conferences all over the world consisting of innovative and experienced leaders of those areas.


On the 18th, Swamiji guided over 50 people in a special meditation session. He provided special guidance to those who were initiated on how to meditate with their personal mantras. A participant shared with us that she had never felt such concentrated energy that was so soothing, relaxing, yet strong.


To read the transcript of Swamiji’s presentation at TEDxTaipei: https://www.ahymsin.org/main/index.php/Swami-Veda-Bharati/ted-speech-taipei-taiwan-15th-january-2011.htmlAHYMSINhttps://www.ahymsin.org/main/index.php/Swami-Veda-Bharati/ted-speech-taipei-taiwan-15th-january-2011.htmlAHYMSIN




AHYMSIN Taiwan was also glad to see so many people leave their contact information and express their interest in receiving our event/message announcements.


AHYMSIN Taiwan is an affiliate center of AHYMSIN. Please see https://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/hymt_taiwanhttps://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/hymt_taiwan and visit their Facebook page at 





Note: To read more about Smera-Smera-Stimita, please visit https://www.swamivedablog.org/?p=694.https://www.swamivedablog.org/?p=694.

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