Love, Serve, Remember

Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 17-23 June 2009


This was Swami Veda’s first visit to Russia.


Our dear friends and initiates, Victor and Luidmilla, who have visited our ashram regularly and have also brought groups for the past five years, invited Swamiji to their city of residence.   Previously this group has invited Swamiji and Swami Ritavan to Slovakia.


We were very warmly welcomed and comfortably settled in Olga’s house for our entire stay.  Olga kindly vacated her place for us.  Everyone was so kind and willing to do anything to make our stay comfortable and memorable.


It is a group of about 25 people who have been together for about 10 years led by Victor and Luidmilla.  Swami Ritavan has visited them before in Russia.


It is a keen group, deeply interested in the philosophy of yoga.  Victor Dorofeenko has been diligently translating into Russian Swamiji’s  booklets and other material for the benefit of the group.


Swamiji decided to lecture on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.


About 17 people were initiated.


On the last morning before our departure we went to see an old Cossack settlement, Starocherkasskaya,  which used the be the Don Cossack capital, where a church, monastery,  museum and Cossack fort houses are preserved.


Editor's note: The Himalayan Yoga Meditation Society of Rostov  is an AHYMSIN affiliate centre.  Their website is https://himalayanyoga.3dn.ru/https://himalayanyoga.3dn.ru/

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