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New AHYMSIN Centre Opens in Mauritius, 2009

Meet Geeta Currimjee, Centre Director:

 I live on a small island called Mauritius, situated in the Indian Ocean off the East coast of Madagascar and East Africa. The population of Mauritius is a melting pot of all the races and religions of the world.

 The people live in harmony with their brethren of Indian (70% of the population), African, Chinese and European origins.

 Born Hindu, I married Abbas who, as the name suggests, is Muslim. We live in total respect and harmony with each other’s faiths. I fast during the Ramadan and he does not! He meditates and recites the Mahamrityunjaya mantra.

 My spiritual journey started as a child, and in my thirties I started taking philosophy lessons. In this quest for answers on the Reasons of our Being, I visited all the swamis and philosophers visiting Mauritius.  I even started going to Rishikesh to the Sivananda Ashram!

 In 1986 Swami Rama came to spend two months in Mauritius to write the Perennial Psychology of the Bhagavad Gita. I found out about His visit only two days before He was due to leave......!

 My first meeting with Gurudev is still fresh in my mind. He entered the room where I was waiting. I was spellbound by this very tall, handsome person with piercing and ever so love-filled eyes! The first thing he asked me was:"Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you!" He knew everything about me. He had been at my restaurant and even played tennis at the family court.

 Thus started my Himalayan Tradition journey. I am blessed to have been initiated by Gurudeva Swami Rama . I pay homage to Guru brother Swami Veda who has been there to follow my journey. Now I have taken up the responsibility to teach in Mauritius. I pray to the guruparampara to guide me in establishing the Himalayan Yoga Societies in Mauritius.

 With great modesty, in service to the Guru Lineage

 Geeta Currimjee

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" A time comes when meditation stirs the unconscious mind and brings forward hidden impressions. It quickens the method of analyzing, understanding, and surveying the unconscious. "

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