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Joyful Living with Yoga in Tokyo

A “Joyful Living with Yoga” retreat was held in Narita, Japan, for 3 days and 2 nights, from January 21st, 2011.



With Swami Veda Bharati and Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati, the retreat was attended by around 60 people, not only from Japan but also from Asian countries including Korea, Malaysia, and Taiwan.


Releasing Body Tension by Hatha Yoga


We began by releasing body tension by hatha yoga. 


Love Is without Barrier


And  we listened deeply about Love in two days of lectures by Swami Nitya. True love is without any barrier. Protecting only your own family, only your own boyfriend/girlfriend, only your own community, and only your own country is not love, but is possession and attachment.By protecting only a part of us, we make barrier around us and become less concerned about others. Swami Nitya explained simply and clearly about such self-deceived love that we have a tendency to practice, or that we actually have practiced.


Anger is Poison


Swami Veda told us that anger is the biggest poison for us. It is harmful for not only our own mental and physical health, but also our surroundings. This has much influence on environmental pollution. When everyone has awareness and focuses on making ourselves and our surroundings better, then protecting the natural environment of this world will be better. However, no one, including politicians, has not realized it.


Ki Massage and Otome Bunraku


Fuku Iida from HYMS Tokyo, organizer of the retreat, gave us 2 hours of Ki massage practice by pairs that makes smooth flow of prana.


The welcome event was Otome Bunraku by the famous Japanese puppet show group Hitomiza. It has been really exciting, and both audiences and players enjoyed together.


Guided Meditation Recordings In Japanese 


In conclusion, with Swamiji’s lead, we had a recording of his guided meditation for future use of Japanese practitioners.This recording with Japanese translation by Fuku Iida will become available in Japan.


Mantra Initiations


Also some mantra initiations were given by Mr. Rajah Indran.


The retreat was really a productive one.


DescriptionJoyful Living with Yoga

Date : January 21st to 23rd, 2011

Place : Narita View Hotel

Organized by HYMS Tokyo


Himalayan Yoga Meditation Society of Tokyo


Editor’s Note: Himalayan Yoga Meditation Society of Tokyo is an affiliated centre of the Association of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies International (AHYMSIN).  Fuku Iida is the centre leader. Their website:https://space-be.net/hyms.htmlhttps://space-be.net/hyms.html

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