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Children’s Yoga Camp 2010 at Swami Rama Himalayan Yoga Ashram

Joy characterized the participation of 80 children in a Children’s Yoga Camp held at Swami Rama Himalayan Yoga Ashram in Orissa, India, in December.  Pamela and Surya Khudan, a dynamic mother-daughter duo from Trinidad, led the camp and were aided by Sudhir Chaitanya, ashram leader.



Pamela, a student of Swami Rama, has led many such camps in Trinidad and says that the youth and children have so much fun that they do not want to go home at the end of the day.  Now Surya competently and energetically co-organizes and leads these events with her mother. 


Swami Rama Himalayan Yoga Ashram normally has about 40 youth, but with the day camp children and youth from the surrounding area were invited to participate with the total number reaching about 80 with the age range from two years old through teenage.


India is a country with many languages.  Even though Pamela and Surya speak Hindi, they found that the youth and children did not speak Hindi. No problem. Pamela says that not being able to speak a common language does not seem to be an impediment in yoga camp activities.


It was a busy time of hatha, meditation, games, sports, storytelling, havan, arts and crafts, tailoring, and hygiene.  Surya and Pamela feel that it is important that children and youth have fun while they are learning. And fun they did have!


Two minute meditations work very well with young yoga campers.


Swami Rama Himalayan Yoga Ashram is affiliated with AHYMSIN, and Sudhir Chaitanya acts as centre leader.  Sudhir resided at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama for a number of years and was both a student and teacher during his time at SRSG.


This event was sponsored by Mahabir Khudan, Mala Boodoo, Dr. Samal, Madhusudan Agasti, Warren Mohammed, Ria Khudan, Reshma Khudan, Ranu  Bisram, Sudesh Bisram, Harrydath Alisir, S. Hosein, N. Mohammed, R. Balkaran, Mrs. Grace, Dr. S. K. Singh, W. Bedassie, Chandradan Bisram, Navita Tiwari Rampersad, Vesesh Tiwari Rampersad, Sister Parbati Gosine, Jagassar Balramsingh, Ramdai Singh, Gopaul Dattoo, Bisram Bone, Neafa Khan, and Surya Khudan.

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