Love, Serve, Remember

AHYMSIN Asia Board of Directors, 2009

Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan – Adviser

Datuk Hiew Thien Choi – President

Jenny Lee I Miaw – Deputy President ( Representing Tai wan)

Datin Judy Rajah / Leong King Ngoo (Vice president – teacher training)

Venugopal Sukumaran – Legal Advisor 

Jean Tan – Hon. Secretary ( Representing Kuala Kumpur)

Yvonne Sall – Hon. Treasurer (Kuala Lampur)

Joseph Wong – Director (President, KK center)

Judy Chin  – Director (President, Keningau center)

Fukumi  lida --  Director (President, Japan center)

Helen Choe - Director (President, Korea center)

Fauja Singh - Director (President, Singapore center)

Thaniya Kevali - Director (President, Tailand center)

Shi Hong - Director (President, Hong Kong center)


Tinyu Chen – Director (President, Taiwan center)


Excerpts from a letter written by Swami Veda to the leaders of AHYMSIN-Asia:


It is with great pleasure that I congratulate all of you for graciously accepting the office to which you have been elected, as members of the Board of Directors of AHYMSIN – Asia.Ahymsin Asia is a very unique organization. It comprises people of various races, religions, cultures, languages and politically or geographically different nations.Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan your advisor is a former Federal Minister, founder of IDS Sabah, and former Director of Sabah Foundation.Datuk Hiew is a former Director of the Sabah Public Works Department and Director General of Kota Kinabalu City. He is supported by all of you who are very experienced people.


We look forward to you to set the foundation for the future growth of AHYMSIN-ASIA as a strong and meaningful organization that will benefit generations to come.


The success of AHYMSIN - Asia is now in your hands. I wish you all the best.




Swami Veda Bharati

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