Vedic Sacred Art

November 2009



The Vedic Sacred Art program is a tool to help meditators in their concentration and inner energy experiences. It combines the essence of fine-art, of wisdom and of yoga-meditation, to learn to artfully express the inner self. Our emotions are the bridge between the body, the soul and the infinite realms of spirits, so the spiritual creativity reveals spheres of joy and happiness. 


The Vedic Art program was first presented in 2005 at SRSG, and since then many students and guests have participated in the training. The workshop program includes the design of chakras and yantras, the 51 Sanskrit sounds in and on the body, and the bijas and their effects on the psyche. Participants create their own personal “Holistic Mandala Chakra Painting” for use in supporting their meditational practice. 


The teacher-artist, Radhika Rosalia Hummel, will conduct workshops in Bali in January-February 2010 and hopes to visit other areas in South-East Asia.



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