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Vedic Sacred Art Workshop with Radhika, January 2009


Cottage 31 was the setting for an inspired workshop January 2009. Radhika, SRSG Ashram’s sacred art teacher, guided guests and ashramites in the practice of dharana through painting the geometrical forms associated with each chakra.


The Utopian environment found in cottage 31 was no doubt reflective of Radhika's blissful presence combined with the powerful vibrations of the sacred art itself. The space elicited great feelings of internal joy upon entrance and there was an energizing calmness continuously shared among everyone practicing in the space. The concentrated sattvic atmosphere was very much in groove with the ashram atmosphere and resonated as a pulsating globe of color and sound throughout the campus.


Radhaka guided the participants throughstudy of the Sanskrit alphabet, some Sanskrit mantras, the theoretical and experiential study of sound vibrations within the body, the use of mudras and the study of tantric painting. Tantric painting involves examining and creating visual representations (mandalas) of chakra points while simultaneously humming the associated sounds to activate that energy in the body.


Radhika is the founder of the Institute of Sacred Art, Udaipur, Rajasthan. Her sacred icons illustrate many books in India and Europe. The AHYMSIN office is blessed with several of her original paintings.  Radhika will conduct a Sacred Art Workshop in Hungary, 1st – 8th August, 2009, and continue a systematic teaching program at SRSG in November 2009.


Please visit https://www.mandalaportal.hu/https://www.mandalaportal.hu/

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