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The Dance of Transformation, 22nd- 28th February 2017

The Dance of Transformation

22nd- 28th February 2017
at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, Rishikesh, India
Indian Classical Dance
Intensive workshop for Body, Breath & Mind Awareness

By Dr. Prakriti Bhaskar

In India, both the spiritual and artistic disciplines are intimately connected. The artistic traditions were pathways designed to lead one to a subtle experience of Aesthetic Bliss(RASA-ANANDA) that arises in the silence of the witnessing mind. In the yogic traditions the ' witnessing mind " is a prerequisite for DHYANA - the very foundation of the HIMALAYAN TRADITION of YOGA MEDITATION.

Camouflaged in the very ornate fabric of Indian Classical Dance is a powerful mind - body discipline for developing a heightened state of Awareness & Mindfulness. The artistic process becomes a process of Self - Engagement, Self - Refinement & Self - Discovery.

Indian Dance is steeped in Devotion (BHAKTI ), Practice (SADHANA) & Mindfulness (DHYANA) - the 3 pillars of any spiritual discipline.

The workshop explores the key elements of Indian Classical Dance - MOVEMENT, RHYTHM AND EXPRESSIONS as powerful tools for refining the Body, Mind and Emotions.

Ashram daily schedule will be interspersed with workshop sessions.


• Technique (Bharata Natyam)
• Introduction to concept of Rhythm(Tala)
• Emotion (Bhava) in Indian Dance. THEORY SESSION:
• Recitation & study of shlokas from the 13th century dance-text Abhinaya Darpanam,
• History & Philosophy of Indian Classical Dance & Yogic perspective.
• Hindu Mythology & Iconography.


Screening of Swamiji's lectures on art & culture
Dance films with an interactive question session.

Participants - No age bar. No prior training required. Need to wear Indian outfit preferable Salwar Khameez for practical sessions.

Dr. Prakriti Bhaskar, an initiate in our tradition, is a distinguished dancer, teacher & choreographer Prakriti has been involved with Indian classical dance for the most part of her life – close to 4 decades! Dance is her sadhana. In 2012, Prakriti was fortunate to have met Swami Veda Bharati ji and was initiated into the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation.

Prakriti believes that it was the Grace & guidance of Swamiji that deepened her understanding of dance and unveiled many subtle aspects & insights as a yogic practice. Her experience reaffirmed her belief that dance is a spiritual discipline – a powerful meditative and transformative process.

Prakriti has trained under 3 of the most distinguished dance gurus; Guru Raghavan Nair, Guru Kadhirvellu Pillai & Guru Adyar K lakshman. Her meticulous training under these masters has help her evolve into a mature artiste with a highly creative mind and aesthetic sensibility. Prakriti has a doctorate in Bharata natyam and specializes in Cross Rhythmic choreography. She is based in Mumbai where she trains students in this magnificent dance form. She also loves to travel sharing her experience and insights on dance a joyful and self- refining process with people from all walks of life, different cultures and background.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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