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Summer Sadhana at Kalimath, September 2009

Before his departure from the Ashram in May, Swamiji asked all students and ashramites to visit three special places in the mountains to practice silence and deepen their sadhana.  They were: Tarkeshwar, Vasishtha Cave and Kalimath. 


The last group from the Ashram visited Kalimath from 3rd to 7th September.  The mission was to maintain silence for three days, practicing the Ityukta mantra given by Swamiji in February 2007. 


After a long and strenuous journey of eight hours on the difficult mountain roads, we finally reached Kalimath.  We were all immediately enchanted by the beauty and the quietness of the area.  Coming in the presence of those tall mountains surrounding the small village with the temple complex as its center was a deep spiritual experience in itself. 


Even without anything else, the coolness of the fresh mountain air would also have been worth all the hardship of the travel, but we were fortunate enough togo for our sadhana after the end of the main tourist season.  The only noises disturbing the silence were the occasional beats of the local traditional drums and the soft roaring of the Kali Ganga River flowing right behind our rooms.


Our three days of intense practice were very enjoyable and we will all treasure precious memories of this very special spiritual practice requested by Swamiji for many years to come. 


Then we had to get back on the road again…


Photos are available from the following link: https://picasaweb.google.com/pyare.lefebvre/Kalimath#https://picasaweb.google.com/pyare.lefebvre/Kalimath#

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