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SRSG, “Little Hungary” - February/March 2009

 Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama was recently transformed into a "Little Hungary." Forty Hungarians called the ashram home for four weeks during February/March. Led by Anna Mezosi, the well-prepared group completed a very ambitious program, beginning with a ten day silence program. Twenty-eight people then attended the Meditation for Pain Management Conference while the others took excursions into the Himalayan mountains.

 The last two weeks of their visit, the group participated in a special program of advanced training taught by senior teachers Maya, Swami Ritavan, Ma Radha, Peter, Ashutosh, Swami Nityamuktananda, Jagadananda and Vishnu. Each day began with an hour and a half breathing intensive. Deepening their meditation, asana practice and study of philosophy were also daily focuses. Vishnu led the group in fire offerings.Thirteen members of the group received personal mantra initiations and eight received Gayatri initiations.

 The strength of the Hungarian group reflects the amazing growth of participation in the Himalayan Yoga Tradition programs in Hungary. At present, twenty-two students are in Level 3 of the Teacher Training Program (TTP) and another twenty-four are now in Level 2. Another group of students will begin Training once the Level 3 students complete their program. The number of students taking Teacher Training is a testament to the encouraging influence of Maya (Margo) Balog.

 There are now sixteen books of Swami Rama and Swami Veda translated into Hungarian, with two more ready for printing. In addition, all the Level 1 and 2 TTP materials have been translated and are available on their web site. Imola Hollo is primarily responsible for the translation of Swami Veda’s lectures while Maya translates his meditations.

 Swami Veda has been making yearly trips to Hungary since 2003. In that first year, 200 people attended his lectures. Last year, 2008, 350 people attended Swamiji’s lectures and forty were initiated. Swami Veda will again visit Hungary at the end of June 2009. He will lecture June 26-28 and follow with two days of initiations. The TTP will then be held.

 We are looking forward to next year when the Hungarians will once again grace the ashram with their presence, once again making it their own home away from home.


Editor's note: Himalájai Jóga Meditáció Közhasznú Egyesület    is an affiliated center of AHYMSIN.  Their website is: https://www.himalayanyoga.hu/https://www.himalayanyoga.hu/

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