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HYT-TTP March 2009

Namaste Dear Readers,


We cannot say enough about the amazing group of people that participated in the Teacher Training Program this March. They came from countries spanning the globe’s circumference. It has been a joy to get to know them all. Some of them also attended the Meditation for Pain Management Conference which immediately preceded the TTP.

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Gurukulam Outreach, 2009

For approximately one week the Gurukulam students took a small break from their own classroom studies to partake in some hands on teaching opportunities with young people. They traveled to fifty schools within about a one hour radius of the ashram. Their mission was to share a bit of the tradition with the youth and children in the community as part of India's National Yoga Awareness Week.On average, the Gurukulam students taught 2-4 hour sessions of yoga in both primary and secondary schools.  Lessons included basic asana and pranayama techniques. The children ranged in age from about 5 to 16 years old and class sizes were anywhere from 30 to 200 + students each. Over all it was a great experience for everyone who participated.

Gurukulam at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama

I had the good fortune to meet with the teachers and students of the SRSG Gurukulam this month while visiting the ashram. I was amazed at the variety of countries represented at this dream materialization of Swami Veda Bharati.  Even from his youth he had wanted to create a Gurukulam along the lines of the ancient forest academy combined with current modern subjects and technology. Of course due to limited resources all aspects of his vision are not available at the moment.

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A Parting Reflection from a Korean TTPer

February 2009


Hari Om!!!

Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama is our spiritual home. I had traveled around India before I came here for TTP. When I arrived at Rishikesh, I felt in mother’s lap and all my pains that I got from traveling suddenly disappeared. I have met wonderful teachers and enjoyed every class. Every teaching inspired me with LOVE. It will lead me to be a teacher who shares our Tradition with others lovingly. I have got a lot of energy which I can give with. There is one thing that I feel sorry for. Our mother, Helen Chou (senior teacher), has not been with us during this retreat because she is in 40 days silence. Still we feel that she is always with us. I am going back to Korea with the fullness that our Guru lineage gives me.

My First Visit to Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama

February 2009


My first trip to Swami Rama’s Rishikesh Ashram took place early last year, a check out day trip. I had accompanied my Yoga teacher, to visit his Guru. One visit and I could not get the Ashram out of my mind for days. Within a few months of practicing meditation, I decided there was something in it that went “beyond.” There was a qualitative change; it was slowly opening my mind to a whole new world of spirituality. I made a “sankalpa” (resolve) to go in for Mantra initiation.

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