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Teacher Training in March 2011

We came from East-Asia, China, the Middle East, Europe, North and South America, different parts of India…. We were told we were the most international TTP group ever. From all corners of the globe, we gathered together in the sadhaka grama, a village of spiritual aspirants in Rishikesh, to learn about ourselves by delving deep into the dimensions of our body, prana and mind and the Centre of Consciousness at the core of our very being. 

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Youth from The Lawrence School Given Yoga Meditation Training at SRSG, March 2011

 Namaste dear yoga family,


From the 27th till the 30th of March, we had the honour to receive a very special and lively group in our ashram. Thirty-one boys, ages 10-15, travelled to SRSG from The Lawrence School in Sanawar, India, located near the hill station of Shimla. Sanawar is a co-educational boarding school, one of the top schools in India, and has students of varying backgrounds from all parts of the sub-continent.

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Holi Washes, Holi Wishes - February 2010

My Remembrances of Holi


Today is the big HOLI. If yesterday was little Holi, then what!? SVB even played! My hair is still green. Forget oil--It doesn't work. You need vaseline as our wise predecessors warned us years back---and red stuff came out of my ears when I washed today. The birds are calling but the playful voices, pot-banging and makeshift drums won't resume until after morning practice.

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TTP News March 2010



The chanting of vedic mantras during a fourteen day puja charged the atmosphere during our March Teacher Training Program at SRSG. Our very large group of Level one and Level two students, forty-two in all, were immersed in the Himalayan Tradition through the calming sound of the chanting and our excellent faculty  including Swami Ritavan, Ashutosh Sharma, Marilu Hermens and Peter Fabian. The grace of the lineage seemed to envelope us.

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Vedic Sacred Art

November 2009



The Vedic Sacred Art program is a tool to help meditators in their concentration and inner energy experiences. It combines the essence of fine-art, of wisdom and of yoga-meditation, to learn to artfully express the inner self. Our emotions are the bridge between the body, the soul and the infinite realms of spirits, so the spiritual creativity reveals spheres of joy and happiness. 

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