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Holi Washes, Holi Wishes - February 2010

My Remembrances of Holi


Today is the big HOLI. If yesterday was little Holi, then what!? SVB even played! My hair is still green. Forget oil--It doesn't work. You need vaseline as our wise predecessors warned us years back---and red stuff came out of my ears when I washed today. The birds are calling but the playful voices, pot-banging and makeshift drums won't resume until after morning practice.

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Vedic Sacred Art

November 2009



The Vedic Sacred Art program is a tool to help meditators in their concentration and inner energy experiences. It combines the essence of fine-art, of wisdom and of yoga-meditation, to learn to artfully express the inner self. Our emotions are the bridge between the body, the soul and the infinite realms of spirits, so the spiritual creativity reveals spheres of joy and happiness. 

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October 2009 TTP Report

Namaskar Dear Readers


We have had a most auspicious month here at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, especially for the two weeks of our recent TTP. On Diwali, the ashram basked in the light of the little deepaks placed all around, while the final day of the retreat was lit by the silvery full moon.

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