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Shiva Country – Himalayan Pilgrimage, 6-9 November 2012

The Rudra Valley region of the Rudraprayag district in the Garhwal Himalaya offers some of the most inspiring views of the Himalayan range. As part of the region known as Dev Bhumi (Land of the Gods), in the Uttharkhand state of India, it is also host to some important temples of the Hindu faith. The Tunganath templeTunganath temple at 3800 meters high is at once one of the highest Shiva temples known, and at the same time one of the most accessible. A 3 kilometer trek from the trail head at Chopta village on a sturdy, even path, gets you there. This will be one of our key destinations together with a number of other temples of the area.


Enjoy the slide show of photos taken of this special land and its people on previous trips: https://ahymsin.org/Travel/ShivaCountry2012/https://ahymsin.org/Travel/ShivaCountry2012/

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