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Online Chitta Prasaadanam Classes, September 2020

Swami Veda often spoke of the importance of purification of mind and emotions.Chitta Prasadanam Poster

He has said about Chitta-Prasaadanam:

"It answers a question the sadhakas often raise: why does my mind not settle down during meditation? Why does it keep wandering? The answer is implicit in the sutra: Dear Sadhaka, your mind wanders, does not attain stability and stillness because you have not made it pleasant and clear through the practice of the four right attitudes of chitta-prasaadana.
I term this as emotional purification. Without emotional purification in daily life, there can be no ‘pra-saadana’ of the mind and consequently the mind will not attain stability during meditation which alone leads to stability and interior stillness."

We will learn the importance and practical applications of the 4 Brahma-Viharas in cultivation of chitta-prasaadana with Adhikari Bhoi from Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) in Hindi. Adhikari is a mantra initiator and a member of the AHYMSIN Adhyatma Samiti, or Spiritual Committee. He is a resident teacher at SRSG.

The satsang will be conducted on Zoom every Wednesday during September 2020 at 7-8 pm IST.

All are welcome.

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