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October 2009 TTP Report

Namaskar Dear Readers


We have had a most auspicious month here at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, especially for the two weeks of our recent TTP. On Diwali, the ashram basked in the light of the little deepaks placed all around, while the final day of the retreat was lit by the silvery full moon.


Several of our Himalayan Yoga Tradition Teacher students came early to participate in a wondrous trip to the Himalayans. The six day tour brought the travelers into the heights and the homes of the ancient sages. They returned awe struck by the beauty of the Himalayas they had seen.  The travelers told of everything from awesome mountain peaks with stunning sunsets to the five-star tenting with white sheets and porcelain sinks and toilets. Everyone would do it again!! Be sure to find more information from our offices about the next trip being planned prior to the March Training.


A total of twenty-seven students participated in the training; fourteen in Level One and thirteen in Level Two.  It was an truly international group with a large representation from Taiwan. The participants and their home countries are listed below.

Level One

Alannah Dore - Australia

Lori Smith - Canada 

Yet Héman - Holland 

Sopa Tamachotipong - Thailand 

Kim Severijnen - Holland 

Patricia Desrousseaux - France/Indonesia

Elena Ravasi - Italy 

Vinod Grover - India 

Manuel Fernandez - Chile 

Bramhachari Bharat Shree(Karki) - Nepal

Swami RishiKumar Panchasheel - Nepal

Sunil Trikha - India

Wong Lai Siew ( SUE WONG) - Malaysia

Vikas Sharma - India


Level Two International

Seval Aksoy - Turkey

Daniel Jalba - Romaina/ Australia

Pierre Lefebvre - Canada/ India

Diane Speer - New Jersey , USA


Taiwan Group Level Two

Ms. Jen, Wei-Hui – Taiwan

Mr. Huang, Cheng-Hsun

Ms. Huang, Yun-Ju

Ms. Liang, Hsiu-Ling

Ms. Lin, Shu-Chin

Ms. Ou, Pei-Chun

Ms. Su, Hsiu-Ning

Ms. Tai, Hsiao-Mei


The class schedule was packed full, as usual. Our amazing teaching staff led the students to experience the phenomenal depth of the teachings of the tradition. Many reported learning what it takes to be still to meditate. Thank you, dearest staff, for your love and detailed attention to the functions of the body and the mind .


Our group had a special outing to The Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust, (HIHT), and learned about the impressive work of the many programs there including a recently established University. What a testament to the vision of Swami Rama who established the hospital in the mid-1990’s. We visited the Ayurvedic Center and then had a wonderful lunch on the grass  in the sun while being entertained by our HIHT guide, Sunil Kumar. Thank you, Sunil, for your gracious hospitality, an informative tour of the facilities at the hospital and all your great jokes.


The moon waxed had waxed full by the last day of our 14 days together; a very bright globe which lit up the ashram.  It then led us into the global meditation with Swami Veda in the morning.


The closing ceremony for the students was a lovely event. Alana Dore, accompanied by several other students, sang a divine Christian chant which touched the hearts of everyone. The Taiwan group performed a lovely dance choreographed by Radhika, and Swami Panchasheel shared words of wisdom. We were honored with Swamiji’s presence and one of his many gifts to us was to lead us into a still and powerful meditation. Thank you, Swamiji, for your deeply felt love.


Do remember to check the web for details about our next retreat, March 6th -14th, 2010. This is a great time to come and coordinate your stay with some of the other very special events in February and March at the Ashram: the final fire offerings of Ityukta, AHYMSIN elections, Sarva Yoga Retreat, the Kumbha Mela, Insight Touring, etc.


Please visit our website: https://www.himalayanyogatradition.com/https://www.himalayanyogatradition.com/

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