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HYT-TTP March 2009

Namaste Dear Readers,


We cannot say enough about the amazing group of people that participated in the Teacher Training Program this March. They came from countries spanning the globe’s circumference. It has been a joy to get to know them all. Some of them also attended the Meditation for Pain Management Conference which immediately preceded the TTP.


Our international group included the following participants. From “down under” (Australia) came Nina Pulaska (L2), a Polish student living in Australia. From the tropical island of Mauritius (in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar), came long-time initiate Geeta Curimjee. From the snowy northern hemisphere came Paavo Kavinen of Finland, our own French Canadian (now resident of SRSG) Pierre Lefebvre, and from Minnesota (USA) Drew Madson, an initiate of the Himalayan Tradition since birth (we are witnessing a growing “next “generation of youth at the ashram).  Pamela Khudan (L3), back for a second time in just three months, is from another beautiful sun-filled Island, Trinidad. We welcomed a group from Japan led by Iida Fukumi from Japan. Their names are: Takahashi Nanami, Kakizaki Akiko, Kakizaki Tomomi, Iwasaki Akiko, and Suzuki Tomoko. To complete our circumnavigation of the globe, Kalpana Garyali joined us from India’s capital city of Delhi. 


I will close with comments from two of our teachers in training.


“As a practitioner I can only be grateful to having come in contact with teachers that share from their own experience. The group was small enough to allow personal guidance, and varied nationalities and background gave a spice to learning. The multitude of people in the ashram enriched the stay as well. Finally, the energies in the ashram supported self understanding by bringing into awareness the need for continuous self observance in working with my emotions. This was also a valuable experience for me.”


“For me this course proved to be very educational and enlightening. I enjoyed my stay here thoroughly. It has opened the doors to new dimensions of life for me.”

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