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Hatha Yoga Abhyasa

Ha Tha Yoga Abhyasa PosterGurudeva Swami Rama has taught us the importance of regular practice of the 'Joints and Glands Exercises', which are the preliminary, foundational practices of Hatha Yoga.

We will practice these exercises with Ramprakash Das from Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG). These sessions will be offered in Hindi.

As our Master Swami Veda Bharati would often remind us that it is not possible to put a price on the teachings received, there is no course fee for this course. Loving donations from the heart may be offered and will support the ashram during the pandemic.

Begins: 14 December, 2020 (Monday)

Ongoing sessions will be organized four times every week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) from 7-8 AM IST (Indian Standard Time).

 Kindly convert to your country's time-zone accordingly.

Medium: Online through Zoom

For Registrations/Enquiries/Donations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you.

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