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Friends Finding One Another

Swami Veda talking about the future of AHYMSIN and taking silence.


What is AHYMSIN?


Swamiji answers, “AHYMSIN is a group of initiates for support. How can groups or individuals help the greater family in a spiritual sense? This evolves from time to time if we can succeed in developing a sentiment of Sangha.”


He has invited us to create a Mindfield of Community – a Sangha. “With a stable mind, you can stabilize all external circumstances. A mindfield thus stabilized is called an organization or a sangha.”


Sometimes we may think, “I am just one person. What can I do?”


Swamiji conitunes, “May all beings look at me with the eye of a friend. May I look at all beings with the eye of a friend. May we look (at each other) with the eye of a friend.” is recited in the Vedic hymns.


“Amity, together with three others, constitutes the yoga practice of chitta-prasaadana, making the mind pleasant and clear; clear, thereby pleasant; pleasant, thereby clear. This pleasant clarity of the mind, like that of clear and pleasantly flowing stream, also becomes sthiti-ni-bandhani, not merely stabilizing but firming up, permanently establishing stability.


“A friend, thus, is one who starts off out of a sentiment of affection; grants benevolence without seeking a return or an acknowledgment; Slowly shares the same space of awareness, awakening of same level of consciousness and the realization of the Transcendent; at each step encouraging the friend to keep on the path, not to slip into apathy and darkness and confusion; serves as a solar beacon to light up the friend’s path and helps to stabilize him permanently into a clarity and pleasantness of the mind,”


Swamiji invites us to share with one another, to be inviting to one another and to inspire one another. Do not be shy. The invitation comes to celebrate life together. We have but to R.S.V.P. in our actions, words, and thoughts.


We are friends finding one another, friends sharing with one another, friends helping one another.


Please also see the "2013 All Teachers and Sangha Gathering" invitation at


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