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Yoga Nidra 2011 Conference Announcement

Swami Veda took the opportunity during his closing remarks at the "Meditation for Pain Management Conference" (February 28th 2009), to announce the next Conference to bring together scientific researchers and practitioners of yoga meditation. The Conference on "Meditation for Sleep Modulation and Conscious Sleep"  will take place in February 2011 - exact dates yet to be set.

Also note there will be a Yoga Nidra weekend during the 2009 Himalayan Yoga Tradition Congress to be held in St. Paul, Minnesota, July 17th - August 1st. The theme of the Congress is "Listen to the Song of Silence." The Yoga Nidra intensive will be held July 17th - 19th.

Please also see the definition of Yoga Nidra as applied to this conference. (Not yet published)

Following is a partial calendar of major events to be held at SRSG, Rishikesh, in the next few years:

  • April 12 - 19, 2009: Indian Yoga Intensive Camp
  • February 1 - 12, 2010: Ity-uktaa final fire offerings and AHYMSIN meetings
  • February 2011: Meditation for Sleep Modulation and Conscious Sleep (Yoga Nidra: Conscious Sleep)
  • December 22-31, 2011: Yoga Youth and Children's Retreat
  • February 2012: Festival of Yoga Meditational Cultures


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