HYMC Noida celebrated the sacred Guru Purnima with all the initiates and devotees who are connected with our center. The program started with lighting of the lamp and group chanting of the Akhanda-mandalakaram Mantra and Ganesh Stuti.

Shashank, the founding member of the center, apprised everyone about the Himalayan Tradition and our great Lineage, which goes back to the Vedic period. He reminded us that Swami Veda has mentioned how many different traditions like those of Tibet, Buddhism, Bhakti Yoga, Shankaracharya, Christianity and Patanjali tradition of Yoga and Meditation converged in Gurudeva, Swami Rama.

Our center head, Mrs. Jaya Bhagat invoked the presence of the Divine Masters by her melodious bhajan soaked in devotion. Mrs. Naina Mathur, another founding member and a senior devotee, spoke on the meaning and significance of Guru in our lives. She shared about her own journey of seeking her Guru and this journey finally culminated into our tradition.

Mrs. Archana Ranjan spoke about how blessed the initiates were for being a part of this holy tradition. She mentioned about the responsibilities of the sadhakas to continue on this path and how Swamiji guided each one of us to progress on this path with regular practice.

Mrs. Jaya Bhagat, elaborated on the Guru Tattva. She spoke from her personal experiences with Sri Satya Sai Baba, Swami Rama and Swami Veda Bharti ji, how the Guru helps, guides and works to help their initiates progress on this path. The environment was charged with her direct devotional experiences with the masters. The program concluded with a guided meditation conducted by none other than Gurudeva himself, working through his chosen instrument whom we lovingly call Guruma.

Gratitude in the lotus feet of all Himalayan masters for soaking everyone in the bliss of their presence and showering their blessings on each sadhaka present.

Hari Om.